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#132872 - 11/20/03 04:43 PM Bank Robbery

A good commercial customer of ours owns a fast food restaurant and deposits a lot of cash on a daily basis - the customer asked what would happen if he were in mid-deposit and the bank were robbed. His concern is that he'd be the victim if we hadn't finished counting his deposit and given him a receipt. Any thoughts on whether liability starts when the customer walks through the door, begins the transaction with the teller, or the teller issues a receipt for the deposit?

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#132873 - 11/20/03 06:35 PM Re: Bank Robbery
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I would think that our liability begins when we accept (receipt) his money - if he is really concerned suggest that he use the night drop, so it's under lock.
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#132874 - 11/25/03 08:24 PM Re: Bank Robbery
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If I were the police officer investigating this incident, the customer would be the victim until he/she received a receipt. Upon receipt, the customer's obligation and responsibility ends and becomes the institution's.
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#132875 - 11/26/03 05:32 PM Re: Bank Robbery
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Does your insurance policy shed any light on this situation? You may find that there is an indication of when your insurance coverage starts, and I'd guess that your customer is "on his own" up to that point.
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