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#134204 - 11/25/03 07:24 PM certifications

I would like to heard what your practice is on certifcations. Currently each department have a checklist of 10 items that the manager of the department signs at the end of each month. Basically each items goes something like this,"I reviewed procedure for >>> and they are in compliance with policy" or "I reviewed >>> and deemed them appropriate."
Here is what I would like to change to. I want to create one list where all responsibilities within a department are listed as either certified weekly, semi weekl, monthly, quarterly, annual. Example: atm captured card log. I want the certification to actually list the date they are certifying, the person who did the job and the person certifying. My thinking is that just having the departments sign a checklist at the end of each month without any detailed information is not really certifying anything. Thoughts?

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#134205 - 11/25/03 07:40 PM Re: certifications
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Here is an article on certifications that you can start with.
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#134206 - 11/26/03 04:22 PM Re: certifications
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Our security officer has just revamped our branch certifications. It includes most everything you mentioned. We take the certification a step further during the quarterly surprise cash counts and verify each item on the certification. I can send you a copy if you want to send me a PM or place your email here in the thread.
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