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#1346905 - 02/22/10 03:39 PM Revised HUD on Tx Home Equity
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We have 30 days per HUD to send a revised HUD after closing to correct inadvertent/technical errors. How does this impact our TX Home Equity law, which requires a borrower have 1 day prior of review the fees (a/k/a HUD) before closing? If we discover a refund of $3.00 for a difference in a county's recording fee, are we invalidating our lien by sending the borrower a revised HUD and the check for $3.00? Also, what about any tolerance corrections/refunds? Do those have to be caught and corrected at closing, rather than within the 30 day allowance provided by HUD?

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#1348758 - 02/24/10 10:08 PM Re: Revised HUD on Tx Home Equity Ninky
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I've never really taken it that far. I wouldn't think that the 30 days to correct would mean 1 less day to correct the error. Or that refunding to the borrower would invalidate your lien.

I'd just stick to the spirit of the law and correct the tolerance as quickly as possible (but before the end of the 30 days...)

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