I posted in the lending forum with no luck-hoping for some help here:

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I am looking for some guidance for NY purchases and how to disclose block 4/HUD 1101.

As I understand it, buyers in NY hire attorneys to represent them, and in most cases, that attorney orders the title search, title insurance, etc. That information is provided to the settlement agent, (which we choose) and they review on our behalf to ensure it is acceptable. In essence, a portion of the block 4 fee is lender required and lender chosen (the settlement fee) and a portion is lender required/borrower chosen (title search, etc).

My issue is how to disclose these pieces of a lump sum fee. Do we give the borrower a provider list for the title services piece with a quote, even though that is only a portion of the total fee quoted for that line?

As I understand it, in many cases the borrower probably has started that portion of the transaction before they have met with our loan officer...

I hope this makes sense..thanks for any input.
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