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#1358010 - 03/16/10 02:00 PM Limited Partnerships
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We recently opened some accounts that are limited partnerships that are registered in other states. I am trying to explain that they should be registered with the State of Florida but I am not sure that I am completely correct. The partnerships are set up more for real estate holdings and not really as a business that is operating here. The customers do have other corporations here that are registered here but I am showing nothing for the limited partnerships registered in Florida.
Does the limited partnership need to be registered here as well?
Thank you.

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#1359203 - 03/17/10 05:51 PM Re: Limited Partnerships Fl Banker
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I wouldn't think so. It's like corporations...they could be set up nearly anywhere really. You would verify their legitimacy through the data base in the state of organization, IMHO.
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