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#136289 - 12/03/03 08:03 PM ATM Abuse notice to customer
MackenzieS Offline
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Our institution has a two strikes and your out rule as it relates to customers overdrawing their account by writing a check and subsequently going to the ATM and withdrawing the same monies, causing an overdraft status.

Historically we have automatically suspended their ATM/Check card privileges for 6 months without any type of notification, but now I am wanting to begin sending out a warning letter to let them know that this type of acitivity is about to cause them to lose their privileges.

Does anyone have a form letter they would be willing to share? The ones we have drafted are just sounding too harsh. Any help would be appreciated.

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Operations Compliance
#136290 - 12/03/03 08:11 PM Re: ATM Abuse notice to customer
reinkesd Offline
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We have a letter, you can decide if you think it's harsh or not. I'll pm you the language.

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