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#1363087 - 03/24/10 05:02 PM Potential Layoffs & Adverse Action
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My bank's credit decisions are judgmental. The county we operate in plans to have a huge layoff of staff. We have a loan applicant that works for the County, in a 3-person office. 2 of the 3 individuals that work in the office will be dismissed. The loan applicant is not sure if she will or will not have a job. My question is can the Bank factor in the uncertainty of the applicant's future employment when determining whether they have the capacity to handle the credit obligation?

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#1363267 - 03/24/10 07:14 PM Re: Potential Layoffs & Adverse Action taylor
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No. Can't base your decision on whether or not the customer "might not" have a job. That applies to all of us. See that Need to be anonymous thread for something similar.

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