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#137519 - 12/09/03 02:14 PM FDIC Statement?
complyguy Offline
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Opinions, please. Our bank wants to sponsor a free "budget basics/credit smarts" seminar. The printed material contains "Free Seminar - sponsored by XYZ Bank."

I can't match this up with any of the explicit exceptions to the FDIC statement requirement, but it seems even less of a bank self-promotion than ads for loans, safe deposit boxes, etc.

What says the group?

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#137520 - 12/09/03 03:14 PM Re: FDIC Statement?
OnTheEdge Offline
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Unless you are going to include NDIP's, I'd play it safe and use the FDIC Logo/Stmt.
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#137521 - 12/09/03 03:49 PM Re: FDIC Statement?
Andy_Z Offline
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If it isn't in the exceptions, why not add it.
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