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#669164 - 01/19/07 10:10 PM Incident Response - Notification to Regulator
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The incident response guidance clearly recommends notification to your regulator of breaches but it does not provide guidance as to when you should report (i.e. is there a severity level)to your regulator. One recent example: our customers account # and SS# was obtain somehow by another individual but were fairly sure it was not through us. That individual used the account number and ss# to access our VRU and initiate a transaction to transfer funds from savings to checking. The individual also used the account # to attempt to initiate a series of ACH debit transactions. We caught it early and no money was lost. To me this is just a normal ID theft case but because our system was accessed it triggered our incident response program. Would an ID theft case involving one individual warrant reporting to the regulator??

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#671796 - 01/25/07 01:46 PM Re: Incident Response - Notification to Regulator Expedition
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I would probably only report system wide failures, such as batches of debit cards lost, data files breached or compromised, things of that nature. I don't think that it is necessary to report an isolated instance of ID theft.
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#1385964 - 05/04/10 10:29 PM Re: Incident Response - Notification to Regulator DeeQ
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Bringing up an old post - we have examiners here - they're indicating that we should report to our regulator on all incidents "involving unauthorised access to or use of sensitive customer information." Has anyone got any recent info on this?

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#1388254 - 05/10/10 01:46 PM Re: Incident Response - Notification to Regulator misha
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No, but this would be a huge burden, not only on you, but on your regulator as well. Think about all the debit/credit card that takes place. Is this what they really want, as this is unauthorized access.

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#1388355 - 05/10/10 03:25 PM Re: Incident Response - Notification to Regulator Midwest Banker
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I have personally received (as a banker) and now have clients who have received requests like this. Usually the regulator will clarify that they want a heads up on any loss of data that could result in the bank's name in the paper - other than debit/credit card stuff that is out there anyway. They want a heads up in case anything hits the paper and they get a call from reporters prior to an SAR reaching them via the regulatory pipeline.

I would discuss it in more detail to clarify what they are trying to accomplish.
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