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#1406153 - 06/21/10 05:09 PM Is this an acceptable letter under Reg E.
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Would the below letter be acceptable under Reg E? This letter would be used in Visa Dispute scenarios, where the billing error is also covered under Reg E, such as canceled, duplicate, paid by other means, etc. We are looking to see if we can satisfy the Reg using one letter and by not having to follow-up to send another letter if the merchant never provides a representment, but also provide for the opportunity to rebill the customer, with notification by another letter, if the merchant provides info to indicate no error occurred. Thank you for any feedback.

Thank you for contacting us about your dispute with <<MERCHANT>>, in the amount of $<<AMOUNT>>, posted on <<POST DATE>>. At this time a temporary credit has been issued to your account.

This credit should appear on your next billing statement. <<MERCHANT>> has 45 days to respond to our dispute claim. If the merchant does not respond, the credit will become permanent. In the event <<MERCHANT>> responds, you will be notified by phone or mail to explore your options for continuing the dispute. At that point, additional information may be required from you to proceed with the dispute.

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#1406556 - 06/22/10 03:08 PM Re: Is this an acceptable letter under Reg E. C_Groat
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Or the provisional credit could be reversed.

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