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#1406411 - 06/21/10 10:13 PM Billboard Advertising
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Is anyone aware of where I can find solid guidance on billboard advertising of a loan product?

Reg Z is so vague on the subject and I'm certain it's not reasonable to put all the disclosure requirements on a billboard when using a trigger term. In addition, I've never seen any other financial institution include the myriad of disclosures required.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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#1408649 - 06/26/10 01:39 PM Re: Billboard Advertising Rollerman
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What are you after? There are trigger terms that must be met when certain things are stated in an ad. If there is no exception for the media, the requirements must be met.

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#1409936 - 06/30/10 03:39 PM Re: Billboard Advertising Andy_Z
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I have frequently seen other institutions post adds that are not in compliance. I have also had them pointed out to me by my own people when I tell them they have to give the dislcosures. It doesn't make it right. If you hit a triggering term, give the disclosures.
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#1409941 - 06/30/10 03:43 PM Re: Billboard Advertising West Coast Comp
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Billboard rule # 1 - Keep the message very short....max 8 words.
Billboard rule # 2 - Use black and yellow colors.
Billboard rule # 3 - Put the required disclosures...even if very small.
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#1409963 - 06/30/10 04:00 PM Re: Billboard Advertising MoneyMaker
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Just a thought -- Unless your billboard is next to a roadway with traffic that is frequently crawling at a snail's pace at rush hours, including specifics that trigger disclosure requirements is often a waste of time. It's more important to push for name recognition (IMO) than to provide details that drivers shouldn't be reading at normal highway speeds.
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#1411758 - 07/04/10 03:22 AM Re: Billboard Advertising John Burnett
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Ah yes, but in this age of electronic billboards where marketing insists on advertising APR's, with terms, and update said billboard as the rates change throughout the day, what say you?
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