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#1409731 - 06/29/10 10:53 PM CIP
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We seem to have several comments from customers wanting to open new accounts that other banks don't ask to view their social security card to verify the number. Are there actually banks that just accept the customer verbally stating their social security number?

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#1409733 - 06/29/10 10:59 PM Re: CIP osoalone
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It is hit and miss. Most of my clients do not require customers to produce an actual card.
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#1409734 - 06/29/10 10:59 PM Re: CIP osoalone
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Yup! The only time we'd ask to see one is if they have no other type of secondary ID with them when opening a new account. If you run ChexSystems it should give you an idea if it's a legit number.

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#1409763 - 06/30/10 02:28 AM Re: CIP Duke
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Most banks I see in audits and BSA improvement projects do not ask to see the actual card as part of normal day to day CIP. It would be on an exception basis.
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#1409782 - 06/30/10 12:13 PM Re: CIP Kathleen O. Blanchard
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While most banks may not require viewing the card <it's a secondary form of ID here along with other items>, I believe that they do verify the number using Chexsystems or an actual credit report.
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#1412012 - 07/06/10 06:09 PM Re: CIP Skittles
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We don't require to see the SS card, but will use it as one form of secondary ID.

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#1412804 - 07/08/10 02:49 PM Re: CIP Snow Bunny
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There's the problem, Sun Flower. We've been conditioned NOT to carry our SSN card with us to protect it from theft, so I'd guess that most people don't carry them and many don't know where they are (you can have SSA send a new one if you need it). And let's face it, the SSN card is all too easy to counterfeit if one had a mind to do it.
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#1413127 - 07/08/10 09:06 PM Re: CIP John Burnett
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Just an FYI. Chexsystems only verifies if it is a legit social security number, they are not verifing that the social security number belongs to the person you are inquiring about. We found this out the hard way. I think asking for the social security card is a good thing. It actually deterred someone trying to commit fraud at our Bank.

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#1416219 - 07/16/10 07:46 PM Re: CIP BSARocksagain
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Actually, I just got a new SS card and it came with instructions not to carry it with you.
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