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#1419791 - 07/26/10 03:25 PM Wite Out on legal original documents
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Below is a question that has been submitted to me by another bank. I'm not sure where to begin to look for their answer. Can anyone help?

Recently, we have been having documents sent to the home office that have been corrected with wite out. Do you know where I can find the wording that this is voiding the original document?
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Any feedback is soley based on my experience and do not reflect that of my employer.

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#1420348 - 07/27/10 05:37 PM Re: Wite Out on legal original documents Playin 88-Keys
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One of my partners thinks it should be against the law for banks to buy this stuff. Regardless, there is no such law.

Nor do I think you will find any state law that says its use voids a document. However, I can virtually guarantee that if your bank ever has to go to court and wants to use a contract that carries white out, interliniations, lines drawn from here to there, initials, and any other sort of streamside modifications the other guy's lawyer will ridicule your bank and its personnel; e.g. "How would anyone in this court know who made these changes, whether they were made before or after the card was signed, and whether they were made with the knowledge and consent of all of the other parties to the contract?"

Banks that pull this kind of stuff deserve what they get.
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#1420585 - 07/27/10 09:24 PM Re: Wite Out on legal original documents Elwood P. Dowd
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In my opinion, White Out voids a document. By that, I mean that if a document that I need for a case shows up with White Out, I return and ask for it to be re-done.

White Out is used to make an alteration, malicious or not. And an alteration is not a good thing.

Ditto Ken.

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#1421042 - 07/28/10 07:05 PM Re: Wite Out on legal original documents Pup
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I have tried to have wite out banned from the office. However, I have not been successful. I have managed to get my staff to never use it. They are too afraid of what will happen if I find it has been used on a document.

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#1421826 - 07/29/10 08:54 PM Re: Wite Out on legal original documents Kitty
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I've gone as far as looking through every drawer and supply cabinet at a branch and taking all the white out. They order more, and it starts all over again. But it's kind of fun and rewarding in a sad way when I take it.
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#1421837 - 07/29/10 09:03 PM Re: Wite Out on legal original documents ItNeverEnds CRCM
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I have done the same thing. There is no reason for them to have it.
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