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#142946 - 12/23/03 08:06 PM Security Guy

Is there a way to confirm a Social Security Number's validity? We have a potential customer on which we ran a credit history, and the credit bureau has a different SS # on file than the one the prospective customer gave us. I have both different numbers. Any way to verify ???

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#142947 - 12/23/03 08:46 PM Re: Security Guy
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I believe that you can call the SSA at 1-800-773-6270. You will have to provide the Bank name and EIN, the TIN to be verified, and the last name, first name, M.I., DOB, and gender of the individual in question. I've never tried it though. Hope they can help.

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#142948 - 12/23/03 09:34 PM Re: Security Guy
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There is a way to find the person's birthdate in the SSN, but I am not sure how it works. You can also tell the state they were born in. If you know any cops, they know how to do it.
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#142949 - 12/23/03 10:20 PM Re: Security Guy
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Try this link to the Social Security website. A little background on social security number origins. I remember seeing a site a while ago that detailed the numbers, but can't seem to find it.

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#142950 - 12/23/03 10:48 PM Re: Security Guy
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There are several vendors that do it as a service, including obtaining all names that the social security number has been used against. We use Fraudguard and some of the results are scary. They're at
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#142951 - 01/03/04 02:34 PM Re: Security Guy
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Here are your basic options:

1. You can call the SSA and a representative will only tell you if the number matches the name on file.
2. Chexsystems may be able to give you all SSNs associatiated with this name that exists in their databases.
3. A computerized background investigation service (e.g., PublicData or KnowX) may be able to validate -- or invalidate -- the SSN.
4. Your state may offer this information in conjunction with a criminal records search.

If you haven't already done so, ALWAYS require that your prospective customer produce his/her actual Social Security card for your inspection.
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