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#1445065 - 09/17/10 08:52 PM Levy
derup Offline
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Does anyone know if we can close an account just because we received a Levy? We send any funds in that we have on hold but then the account is closed. It seems that I read somewhere that this wasn't allowed.

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#1445137 - 09/17/10 10:31 PM Re: Levy derup
rlcarey Offline
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Once you remit the funds, you are free to do with the account as you please.
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#1445258 - 09/20/10 02:47 PM Re: Levy rlcarey
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You are under no obligation to keep the account open or to "reopen" it if they come in with another deposit. Our systems automatically "close" the account after the third day, however we allow the customer to reopen it with another deposit, unless we have experienced severe problems with overdrafts, etc.

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