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#144757 - 01/02/04 04:37 AM Bonus...

I have worked for my bank for going on four years now. I am a college student so I work "part time" (I use that term very loosely as I work 4 out of 5 days and usually end up working all 5 days in a week) For a change this year we got a Holiday Bonus - the bonus was supposed to be 2 weeks pay. I am considered a part - time employee, but in any given pay period (2 weeks) I work a minimum of 62 hours. However when I received my pay stub I was only paid for 40 hours. Is this fair, given that I was told I would receive two weeks pay, but am a "part-time" employee?

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#144758 - 01/02/04 01:46 PM Re: Bonus...
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Consider yourself lucky; bonuses are becoming more extinct for other than management.

You may want to use your bank's benefits book to define what the benefits are for part-time help. In our case, it is one-half of what a full time person receives.

Benefits are usually figured on the group, and not individually. In most companies, it would be too difficult to recalculate the average workweek, and pay those benefits. For fairness to all, itís uniform on what the minimum requirements of the position are. Itís also easier to prove to the EEO should someone file a complaint Ė everyone was treated the same.

It does seem unfair if you are an overachiever, but when you get ready to go full time, there will be many managers who want you on their team.
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#144759 - 01/02/04 07:51 PM Re: Bonus...
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Anon, were you told by your supervisor that YOUR bonus was going to be for two weeks, or did you hear through the grapevine that a two week bonus was going to be given? Sometimes grapevine talk is unreliable.
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#144760 - 01/02/04 09:15 PM Re: Bonus...
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Anon, usually Bonus Pay, Vacation Pay, Holiday Pay, etc., are based on your "scheduled hours", not the actual hours you might work. I would bet that on the payroll books, you are scheduled for 20 hours per week, hence the 40 hours of Bonus pay.

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