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#1449169 - 09/28/10 03:37 PM ACH audit - UCC Article 4A
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I had a question about what other banks are doing to inform Originators about their obligations regarding UCC Article 4A. I know it is not a new topic but I just wanted to find out if other banks are including it in their origination agreement or are they satisfied that the originator was informed of their UCC Article 4A obligation when they opened up a new account. My view is that since they are originating and not receiving, a different notice should be provided either in the origination contract or in a separate agreement but not just the new accounts agreement. Thanks for your help

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#1449466 - 09/29/10 12:22 PM Re: ACH audit - UCC Article 4A makingmoney
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We include it in our origination agreement
Just my 2 cents worth--for what its worth!!

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#1450127 - 09/30/10 02:43 PM Re: ACH audit - UCC Article 4A KYAuditor
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Ours is in our Terms and Conditions which is given at account opening.

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#1451362 - 10/04/10 07:07 PM Re: ACH audit - UCC Article 4A Its Just Me
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Ours is in our disclosures given at time of new account opening.

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#1455994 - 10/16/10 01:38 AM Re: ACH audit - UCC Article 4A osoalone
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We include with the origination agreement and then also give a reminder on an annual basis along with any other rule changes that have taken place.

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