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#145319 - 01/04/04 01:39 AM SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
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Dan Persfull
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I received this link by email. There's really nothing I can add.

Soldier's Funeral - Texas Style.
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#145320 - 01/04/04 10:32 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
BBoyd Offline
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Incredible - thank you for sharing.
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#145321 - 01/05/04 03:23 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
deppfan Offline
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Wow. What a tribute to that young man, and the town that loved him. May he rest in Peace, and May his family find comfort.
On the road again.....I just can't wait to get on the road again.

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#145322 - 01/05/04 04:17 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
RBanker Offline
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Awesome story - thanks for sharing - wonderful to see young people with such a sense of caring!
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#145323 - 01/05/04 04:47 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
MackenzieS Offline
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Amazing, beautiful, patriotic.

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#145324 - 01/05/04 10:18 PM SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
Miss Kitty Offline
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WoW! What a powerfull and moving tribute. Thank you.

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#145325 - 01/05/04 10:25 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
Inquisitor / Sommelier Omega Offline
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Inquisitor / Sommelier Omega
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A Grant Wood painting.
You should have included a warning to shut the office door. It is hard to be tough with wet eyes.

Thank you
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#145326 - 01/06/04 05:56 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
Rocky P Offline
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Thank you - that was an amazing moment to reflect on.

Coming from a military town, I'm going to play that again before the election to see which candidate supports the way of life I like.
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#145327 - 01/07/04 03:14 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
Pup Offline
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I'd like to share something. Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a friend of mine. He died at the age of 52 after a 21 year career in the armed forces. He was buried on post with full military honors. When the very long funeral procession entered Fort Sill, the gate guards saluted the hearse and held their salute through the entire procession. Almost every car had stopped in reverence and the burial ceremony was incredible. I had tears at the funeral, of course, but alone in my car, seeing the salute of the gate guards made me sob. I love the reverence given to the deceased soldiers, even from another era, that is given by the young ones. I appreciated it a TON!!

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#145328 - 01/07/04 04:21 PM Re: SOLDIER'S FUNERAL, TEXAS STYLE -The Lighthouse
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Thank you Dan. That is a wonderful tribute to a true HERO!

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