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#1458000 - 10/21/10 05:25 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party A_G
Dip Offline
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My guess is...

1) it's exciting to the parents that their kid is having its first birthday


2) parents probably enjoy having parties/get togethers so this is a great excuse to have one

To each his own.
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#1458003 - 10/21/10 05:31 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party Dip
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You are here
3 Celebrate the fact that one year old's is now allowed to have chocolate. McDonalds not far behind.
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#1458021 - 10/21/10 05:49 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party edAudit
DeeQ Offline
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AG, it is at a restaurant...
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#1458091 - 10/21/10 06:48 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party DeeQ
A_G Offline
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what is?
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#1458095 - 10/21/10 06:51 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party DeeQ
Peepers Offline
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Originally Posted By: Deeq, CRCM
AG, it is at a restaurant...

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#1458141 - 10/21/10 07:28 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party Peepers
Zoo Mama Offline
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My daughter will turn 1 next month and Dip has nailed my motivation for a party perfectly. I am excited and dumbfounded that my baby is a year old. And, my husband and I used to entertain often. That was before the MIL and baby. This is a great way to get everyone together. No presents (she just wants the box, thank you) and just family and close friends. There will, however, be lots of cake tossed around and BBQ out your ears!

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#1458154 - 10/21/10 07:38 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party Zoo Mama
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Sounds like the way it should/used to be. Not a big splashy over the top event. Nephew had a party for 2 year old. There were so many presents, they said it would take them at least a week for the 2 year old to even think of opening them.

Too much!
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#1458162 - 10/21/10 07:44 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party Snow Bunny
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We have never had a blowout birthday party for either of my boys. And, no, that doesn't make me a bad parent. We usually just have lunch/dinner with the family, birthday cake, and maybe a friend stay the night. Works for us...
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#1458244 - 10/21/10 09:12 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party East Texas
jaenelle Offline
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We did have a relatively big party for our daughter when she turned 1. She is adopted and it's about 99% certain she will be our only child, so I've gone a little more "all out" for her than I probably would have otherwise. That said, that party was probably around 20 guests, all of which were family or very close friends, and was held at our home. Birthdays 2 and 3 we have gone out to eat with DH, me, and my parents and had a small cake at the restaurant -- very low-key. DD turned 4 this year and said she didn't want a big party. We went to IHOP with about 8 people. I don't understand spending so much and going to all that stress as a lot of people do!
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#1458287 - 10/21/10 10:52 PM Re: One-yr old's brithday party jaenelle
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Family cookout for my lil ones first. She had her own cake and ate it up.

The biggest party I've given for either girl as been a bowling party and we requested no gifts so everyone felt comfortable coming.
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