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#1360135 - 03/18/10 07:33 PM Pay on Death in Pennsylvania
Jim Swanson Offline
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Does anyone know if Pennsylvania allows Pay on Death on bank accounts? We operate in other states that allow it but have always understood that PA does not. I cannot find it anywhere, but have a customer adamant that we can.

Any help would be appreciated!!


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#1360537 - 03/19/10 01:03 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania Jim Swanson
JacF Offline

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We've not used Pay on Death in account titling, and I don't believe it is referenced in PA deposit documentation guidance.

However, PA does allow for informal trust accounts which are disbursed directly to the beneficiary upon the owner's death. These are simply titled "John Doe ITF Johnny Doe".

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#1366726 - 03/30/10 11:14 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania JacF
Deputy Dawn Offline
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Deputy Dawn
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Are you referencing burial funds or the scenerio that JacFSB referenced?

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#1405170 - 06/17/10 07:08 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania Deputy Dawn
Snow Bunny Offline
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In the Snow :)
We do the same as Jac.
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#1416423 - 07/17/10 06:59 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania Snow Bunny
Michelle III Offline
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Michelle III
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Ditto. We title our accounts the same as Jac. Every now and then we have one branch that starts titling account "Payable on death" and we make that CSR contact the customer and fix it to an "In Trust For" ITF account.

Michelle III

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#1468636 - 11/16/10 09:57 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania Jim Swanson
Kari Offline
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PA does not allow POD accounts. They can be ITF but not POD.

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#1469234 - 11/17/10 07:34 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania Kari
15jwolander Offline
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Can anyone give me the Reg that states POD accounts are illegal in PA. Thank You

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#1472916 - 11/26/10 06:34 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania 15jwolander
DCollins Offline
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From the PA Deposit Documentation manual put out by Professional Bank Services: Payable on death (POD) accounts are not authorized by the Pennsylvania legislature. As the operation of the Informal Trust Account, which is recognized in PA, is identical to that of a POD account and there is no statutory recognition of POD accounts, the authors strongly recommend POD accounts not be opened.

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#1502292 - 01/28/11 09:13 PM Re: Pay on Death in Pennsylvania JacF
san2011 Offline
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In Pa. we do use ITF on accounts. Does anyone know how many -by law- is permitted in Pa. And where does it state it in writing? Thank you for your help.

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