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#1471261 - 11/22/10 07:52 PM Mortgage Extension
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We can't seem to get a clear definition of a mortgage extension and the rules of them. Can someone please point me to the reg(s) that discuss this topic? Our lenders have varying interpretations as do I as compliance and I would like to get it cleared up.

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Lending Compliance
#1476511 - 12/06/10 06:53 PM Re: Mortgage Extension COMPLIcated
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I have a similar question but only dealing with flood guidelines. What is their definition of extension?
Two examples:
#1 Borrower signs an extension agreement and pays interest. Maturity date is changed and extended out by however many months the extension agreemnent states.
#2 Borrower requests a change of payment dates from the 1st to the 20th of the month. Essentially this also changes the maturity date as the last payment would be due on, for example, June 20 instead of June 1.

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