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#1486926 - 12/29/10 05:28 PM another service test question
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The person who handled CRA before me included past and current activities on lists provided to the examiners. I thought we had to provide a list covering only the activities that we were involved in during the period covered by the test, i.e. 2009 and 2010. Please confirm that we need to focus on activities that actually took place during 2009-10. We can, of course, include a time period such as board memeber of XXX 2005-2010....right?

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#1486947 - 12/29/10 06:02 PM Re: another service test question Trees
Khaleesi Offline
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I believe so Trees. I would think any activities that are outside the review period would be irrelevant.

I think it is okay to mention the period someone has been involved in a service activity as long as the activity is current for the review period.

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#1486992 - 12/29/10 06:41 PM Re: another service test question Khaleesi
Kelsey D Offline
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I agree.
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