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#1505750 - 02/04/11 10:40 PM Monthly Ach Audit
nuttybanker Offline
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Does anyone do a monthly Ach audit? It would be too much monthly to do everything the annual one requires. was thinking if one portion of the annual was done one month and the next month a another portion etc etc. Then have an outside auditor do the annual one. If anyone does some sort of monthly auditing of Ach would appreciate it if you could share a check list etc. I am new at doing the Ach audit. We feel if we do some type of monthly audit we would be more on top of things and not find out in the annual audit we have been doing something wrong. I have been going over the audit requirements out of the Rules book.

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#1505797 - 02/05/11 02:06 PM Re: Monthly Ach Audit nuttybanker
Its Just Me Offline
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I've only done an annual audit which takes me about 1 week. I can't imagine auditing ACH each month even if I was looking at just a portion each time. Also, I think the department that handles ACH wouldn't be too thrilled to see me monthly.

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#1507630 - 02/09/11 08:11 PM Re: Monthly Ach Audit Its Just Me
DerrickAuditor Offline
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I don't think I'd want to look at ACH more than once a year either. :-)

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