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#1526011 - 03/23/11 06:48 PM MBS
Random Offline
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We are investing in some mortgage-back securities. The properties are not located in low-to mod inc. areas, but the borrowers incomes are low-to-mod. Can you get CRA credit for a MBS based on the income of the borrower?

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#1526289 - 03/24/11 01:41 PM Re: MBS Random
Karen Tucker Offline
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Yes. In fact, in order for the MBS to be considered it must be secured by loans made to LMI borrowers. Where these borrowers live is irrelevant, as long as they are in your AA. If you have an MBS that is secured by loans maade to middle-income and upper-income borrowers it will not be considered a qualified investment because it is not helping to provide affordable housing to LMI individuals.

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