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#1527108 - 03/25/11 03:53 PM Question for Compliance Officers
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In addition to my compliance audits, my current Supervisor (Internal Auditor) wants me to assign the response to each recommendation made to the appropriate employee/manager at our bank and then track and document their individual responses,date received, etc. on a tracking spreadsheet. It's not a bad idea but it's very time consuming. My bank's asset size if $430 million.

What are your responsibilities for tracking responses to recommendations made in compliance audits completed by you?

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#1527112 - 03/25/11 03:55 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers Runnin' on Empty
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I track them to make sure any deficiencies are corrected. I just use an excel spreadsheet.

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#1527134 - 03/25/11 04:29 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers
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I also use an Excel spreadsheet.
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#1527166 - 03/25/11 05:05 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers Doug Hendrickson
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We use Excel as well for tracking.
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#1527185 - 03/25/11 05:42 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers Tater
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Compliance tracks every reponse for compliance reviews, as well as internal audits and regulatory exams.
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#1527235 - 03/25/11 06:19 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers BrendaC
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We only track responses where the corrective action wasn't taken, noted in the report response and reviewed. We are always asked for tracking reports by our examiners (OCC). I use excel.
I only update it monthly for the reports issued.

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#1527580 - 03/28/11 03:34 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers Jerseygirl
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We track all, on a spreadsheet and review the document each month at compliance committee.

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#1531466 - 04/05/11 03:13 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers P*Q
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I also track both audits and compliance using spreadsheet, report quarterly to Board.

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#1532399 - 04/06/11 07:29 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers Southern gal
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We were "strongly" urged to implement a tracking log for both our internal audits and compliance audits (despite the fact that we have a very effect system to follow up on audit responses)by the examiners. This is frankly a tool for them to use. For us it just means another layer of unnecessary documentation. Two of us talked until we were blue to try to get the examiners to understand that we don't need a tracking log to adequatly followup. And they found no problems with our current methods to start with. But their mindset can apparently only be satisfied with a spreadsheet. Whatever! We now complete this stupid log about 5 seconds before they show up. Gotta make them happy!

Our bank is approx. the same size as the orginal post. We have a three person internal audit department within an 8 branch bank.

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#1532715 - 04/07/11 02:44 PM Re: Question for Compliance Officers MDShoregirl
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I use MS Access to track everything. With it's enhanced reporting and query features, I can easily pull exactly the information I need every time. This is reviewed quarterly by Audit Committee and Board. I also refer to it when doing the next batch of audits in any given area...I see what the department said they were going to do and then incorporate a verification in the next audit.

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