I am new to appraisal ordering. I need serious help on what I can and cannot accept in an appraisal on commercial properties. On a typical gas station/convenience store I have seen Income Approaches based on actual yearly revenues (store and gas sales) and in other reports I have seen income based on area market rents of the retail store itself. How can some appraisers use income generated by the store and others find a value based area market rents? I have been asked by OCC examiners to order appraisals on criticized assets. They require an Income Approach in the appraisal. With the asset being criticized, we often have zero current income provided by the borrower. Which approach is the more appropriate? What if you have no income statements from the borrower or no leases? If the OCC requires an Income Approach in the new appraisal, and you have no current income statements to provide to the appraiser, what can be used to create a valid income approach. Thanks.