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#1538567 - 04/21/11 01:23 PM HELOC - First Advance
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It recently came to our attention that Michigan Consumer Finance Bulletin 1986-1 addresses the first advance on a line of credit. It states

"In cases where a line of credit or open-end loan is being established, the $3,000 minimum loan amount applies to the initial draw on the line of credit loan."

Our questions are
1) Have you included this requirement in your note/agreement?
2) Do you monitor the account to ensure the first advance is $3,000?


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#1538740 - 04/21/11 03:42 PM Re: HELOC - First Advance 3 yrs to go
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I don't think this applies to us anymore, particularly given the changes to state law brought about by the 1999 Banking Code. To answer you specifically, 1) we have not included such restrictions in our note; and 2) we don't monitor for a minimum first advance. (Both my banks are state chartered, non-Fed members...)

Is your bank a member of the Financial Institutions Compliance Cooperative? Search under Bodman Law in Cheboygan.
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