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#1572418 - 06/30/11 05:08 PM ATM removal
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We are thinking about removing an ATM from one of our locations. Does anybody know if we have to notify our customers?
It is an adverse action for customers that use that ATM.


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#1736383 - 08/29/12 07:19 PM Re: ATM removal Overboard
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We are also considering removing our ATM. Our maching gets very limited use and not worth the cost. Do we need to send any notice (advance or otherwise) to our customers?

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#1737007 - 08/31/12 12:52 AM Re: ATM removal Overboard
Greg Offline
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Does the ATM accept deposits? Is it co-located with a branch?

We pulled three ATM's over the past few years. Our regulator (FRB) told us the two cash dispensers (no deposits) were not considered "branches" so no notice was required. The third one did accept deposits but it was located at a branch so, again, no notice was required because the branch was still accepting deposits.

In Michigan state law was silent on the topic but that may not be true in NM. I would send a letter or E-mail and get a written reply just to be safe.
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#1737242 - 08/31/12 04:22 PM Re: ATM removal Overboard
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We removed a remote ATM (that did not accept deposits) a couple of years ago with no prior notification of the customers. We did put up a big sign at the ATM machine itself that said simply "this ATM will be closed on XX/YY/ZZZZ". I am unaware of any regulation or state law (Illinois) that requires advance notice, and we researched it at the time.
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