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#1572783 - 07/01/11 12:19 AM Increasing ATM surcharges
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We would like to increase the surcharges on ATMs. Do we have to post a notice in advance? If advance notice is required by NYS Banking Law and/or federal law, Where can I find requirements pertaining to a fee charged at our ATM for non-customer/customer use, and what is the time frame for notifying the customer?
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#1579452 - 07/18/11 07:17 PM Re: Increasing ATM surcharges JubileeAnne97
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Regardless of NYS law, you are required to provide at least 21 days notice to account holders of fee increases under Regulation E ยง205.8.
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#1620985 - 10/27/11 04:25 PM Re: Increasing ATM surcharges J2C
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399-Y*2 - Automated teller machine fee disclosure.
399-Y-1 - Automated teller machines transaction denial; fees prohibited.

The above are the only NYS laws that I know of regarding ATM fees. No mention of change in terms notice. Only Reg E. However, make sure that you follow 399-Y2 above. This requires the fee amount to be posted physically on the ATM machine.

2. No automated teller machine operator shall impose a fee on a consumer using such machine, unless such operator: (a) provides notice as required by subdivision three of this section; and (b) the consumer elects to continue to effect a financial transaction after receiving such notice.
3. (a) The automated teller machine operator shall post a sign or warning in a prominent and conspicuous location on or at the automated teller machine at which the financial transaction is initiated by the consumer. Such sign shall clearly state: (i) that a fee is imposed for the use of such machine; and (ii) the amount of such fee.

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