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#1578952 - 07/15/11 08:27 PM Safe Deposit Vault
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Our safe deposit vault is a totally seperate vault then our main vault. It is down a hallway that is surrounded by loan officer offices. My question is, is there a regulation / law that says when the vault should be opened in the morning and closed at night?

Some are saying it should not be opened until the front doors open and then closed when the front doors are locked at the end of they day. Is this correct?


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#1579131 - 07/18/11 01:04 PM Re: Safe Deposit Vault sshepherd
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First, look at your safe deposit lease to see if the hours for accessing the box are stated.

Second, What are the hours for opening & closing the safe deposit vault you have agreed to with your security alarm company.

Third, It is always a good idea to have the main vault and safe deposit vault hours the same. This way no one can access the safe deposit box without the bank being opened for business.
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#1579657 - 07/19/11 12:16 PM Re: Safe Deposit Vault William J. Ludwig
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You can most certainly open the SDB vault before you open and after you close. It must be open at all times during your business hours to allow access. How else can you do that without opening before and closing after? 30 min before 30 min after is not a security issue as everything in there is locked.

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#1581360 - 07/21/11 08:48 PM Re: Safe Deposit Vault Bob The Banker
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Most banks open vaults early and keep open after business hours.

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#1582679 - 07/25/11 07:35 PM Re: Safe Deposit Vault osucpa
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Your bigger question should be do you allow access to the safe deposit vault when your lobby is closed, and the main vault is still open?
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