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#1591556 - 08/12/11 06:15 PM Am I expecting too much?
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CRA Officers, would you have accepted this a sufficient documentation for a donation?

"Meals from the Heartland is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization composed of volunteers who package meals for delivery to starving people around the world. Individuals, businesses, schools, churches and various civic organizations have come together to show the nation and the world what people who truly care can accomplish. The meals are shipped to locations throughout the world, varying from local food pantries to South Africa and beyond."

I had asked the branch to elaborate on who specifically inside our community will this donation benefit and I am getting push back because they mentioned "local food pantries".

Am I going overboard with asking for more supporting info, or would you personally have said what was provided was adequate info for examiners? Yes we have a CRA exam coming up (my first), so stress levels are rising! smile

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#1591569 - 08/12/11 06:38 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? Khaleesi
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You need to demonstrate what local food pantries have benefited and how much. While the other donations are commendable, CRA is judged solely on a local basis. You are not asking for too much; you are asking for what is needed to pass the examination.
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#1591571 - 08/12/11 06:39 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? Khaleesi
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I would push a bit harder for a better, more specific response. You have to be able to show that the donation benefitted those pantries in your AA. It's what I would do...but that's just my opinion.
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#1591581 - 08/12/11 06:50 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? TINKerBell
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I would have passed right over that for credit. The donation must specifically benefit your AA.

Keep the stress levels cool OMS, and good luck on the exam. smile

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#1591594 - 08/12/11 07:03 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? bOaty
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I wonder what the definition of LMI is in South Africa?
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#1591747 - 08/12/11 09:18 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? bOaty
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Originally Posted By: bOatn Shasta
I would have passed right over that for credit. The donation must specifically benefit your AA.

I agree with bOatn Shasta. Annualy someone in my shop donates money to organizations such as Volunteers in Medical Missions or ProjectHope. Both of these organizations provide medical relief for individuals in third world countries. Fantastic organizations, however like bOatn Shasta, I pass right over them for credit.

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#1591890 - 08/15/11 02:53 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? Tennismom
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If you can't get a better description of what they do for your AA, I would put this in what I call my "other" file. This is the file of things that are not CRA by strict definition, but that an examiner might take into consideration.
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#1592050 - 08/15/11 06:46 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? Rie A
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It always amazes me how folks within the bank think that the Bank will get CRA Credit if they just bully the CRA officer enough.

In those situations I would respond by saying that while I might be convinced this is a worthwhile organization, the documentation will not satisfy the examiners. And all of the begging and pleading in the world they want to try on me won't change an examiner's mind.
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#1593611 - 08/18/11 04:14 PM Re: Am I expecting too much? Princess Romeo
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Africa is a little out of our Assessment Area. Great cause, but no credit.
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