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#1598572 - 08/31/11 02:19 PM new nlrb poster?

Based on my looking around, it would appear that this would apply to small community banks. Can anyone else confirm? Seems like the key is if the NLRB has jurisdiction over us, and I could find no exception under the definition of "employer".

I wonder where we will find room on the walls of the employee break room? Might have to go in the bathroom...

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Human Resources
#1598812 - 08/31/11 07:13 PM Re: new nlrb poster?
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IT is my understanding that banks, regardless of size, fall under this new rule.

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#1602411 - 09/12/11 06:04 PM Re: new nlrb poster? AFaquir
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My understanding is the same as AFaquir.

Not to misdirect the thread but, I'm curious were the responsibility for compliance with this regulation falls in other institutions, is it the Compliance Department or Human Resources? I’ve always worked in institutions were this type of item was handled by HR, but my current institution has suddenly decided that Compliance should deal with it.

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#1602543 - 09/12/11 07:58 PM Re: new nlrb poster? West Coast Comp
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the NLRB posted this FAQ - because we sell savings bonds we are a federal contractor and already have to put up a poster. So do we need to put up this poster too? The NLRB trys to address this in the FAQ but i can't tell if the answer is - just do the first poster, or if the answer is "sorry you must put up both posters"


I am a federal contractor. Will I have to post the notice?

The Board’s notice posting rule will apply to federal contractors, who already are required by the Department of Labor to post a similar notice of employee rights. A contractor will be regarded as complying with the Board’s notice posting rule if it posts the Department of Labor’s notice.
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#1605644 - 09/19/11 08:14 PM Re: new nlrb poster? Burgess
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S/B H.R. To many smaller banks expect Compliance to tell H.R that there are new rules.
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#1605649 - 09/19/11 08:28 PM Re: new nlrb poster? BC78a
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It was my understanding that if you already have the first poster up, you don't need the newer one too. That is what our HR department told me.

As for WCC's question, at our institution (we are small, under $1 Bill), we sort of watch each other's backs. I saw the notice for this requirement and forwarded it on to our HR department. They had already received information about it. So I let them make the call and will document that in my file.
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