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#1607121 - 09/22/11 03:25 PM CIP and religious veil
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we have a woman wearing a veil coming in to take out a loan. she says she won't remove the veil that it is for religious reasons.


has anyone ran into this issue ever - if so what did you do?
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#1607165 - 09/22/11 03:57 PM Re: CIP and religious veil Burgess
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At a prior bank, we would ask the person into a private room and have a female employee compare the face to the CIP information.
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#1607271 - 09/22/11 05:14 PM Re: CIP and religious veil Burgess
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There has already been at least one bank vs. hijab court case, but I cannot locate it. (Articles, yes. Court case, no.) If BC78a's solution is unacceptable, keep in mind that lots of banks open accounts via the Internet - they don't get to compare a face with a photo ID. My point is, don't insist that a photo comparison is essential when it clearly is not.

Alternatively, on receipt of the application, pull the individual's consumer report and ask questions based on that information that only she would be able to answer. If she answers successfully, you should be convinced of her identity.

Yes, any acceptable method should have been outlined in your CIP and this one is not. Do it anyway. Put the amendment in front of the board next month and acknowledge you did it out of policy because you thought it was the right thing to do. Surely, both the board and your next reviewer will have enough sense to realize...
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#1607336 - 09/22/11 06:09 PM Re: CIP and religious veil Elwood P. Dowd
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