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#16073 - 04/24/02 12:04 AM Document Imaging
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Is anyone out there using document imaging? If so, what are you using it for? (i.e., checks, business account documentation, signature cards, identification, etc.?) What are you not using it for? When are you retaining original documentation or original signatures?
If anyone has a document imaging policy you would be willing to share, I will be forever greatful. THANKS!
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#16074 - 04/25/02 10:52 AM Re: Document Imaging
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One of the most overlooked uses for imaging is using this technology to recover the institution's ability to operate after a disaster. If you've scanned and stored your critical documents appropriately, you can reconstruct the entire institution using a notebook computer with a CD-rom drive and a printer. Many institutions have been forced to do just that when their main document repository became inaccessible or was destroyed. Examples of overlooked documents include:
- Personnel records;
- Board of directors' meeting minutes;
- Contracts;
- Insurance policies;
- Building plans and blueprints; and
- Security access codes and combinations (encrypted).
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#16075 - 05/06/02 06:17 PM Re: Document Imaging
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We use document imaging for just about anything we can. Loan files, CD's, sig cards, corporate resolutions, applications and tons of other stuff. One nice feature that our vendor provides is a "user cabinet" where each user of the software can scan any document that they might want to keep but that doesn't fit into any other category. Of course all proof work, gl entries are imaged. Also, all reports that the core processor produces in the nightly update go directly into our document imaging software. It is very convenient to have these reports imaged rather than producing a huge amount of paper reports. As you can see, we have found it to be a wonderful tool. We also keep the hard copies of anything that has a reg retention in our storage facility in case something happened to the imaged record. That way you have a backup for disaster recovery purposes.

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#16076 - 06/04/02 02:27 PM Re: Document Imaging
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If you have a back up copy of the documents (I am specifically interested in signature cards) stored off site, must you keep the original documents to comply with record retention requirements?


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#16077 - 06/04/02 03:09 PM Re: Document Imaging
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#16078 - 04/08/03 12:36 PM Re: Document Imaging
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we are getting ready to implement a doc imaging program and have decided to have a dedicated scanning person. Anyone have a job description or a list of KSA that [from their experience] is needed?

All we are coming up with is "detail oriented" and "computer literate"....


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#16079 - 04/08/03 01:26 PM Re: Document Imaging

We do have 1 1/2 dedicated personnel to imaging. No job description per se. Sadly, it seems that the job decsription is "former loan ops person who was unable to multi-task and just wants to ride it out until retirement"

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#16080 - 04/09/03 06:21 PM Re: Document Imaging
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If you will give me your fax number, I will send you what we have. I have one for an Imaging Clerk and for an Imaging Coordinator.

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