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#160811 - 02/14/04 02:29 PM Post implementation review
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What is the purpose of the system post implementation review? My boss does not think that there is any added value to such a review. Any comments

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#160812 - 02/15/04 12:29 AM Re: Post implementation review
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Define "post implementation review". If this is a review to see if systems or procedural changes have worked as planned, they are absolutely necessary in many cases. Changing an interest rate accrual routine, as an example, requires that you verify it does what it is intended to and has no side effects. The entire process has to agree with your disclosures.
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#160813 - 02/16/04 12:01 AM Re: Post implementation review
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You are doing an audit to see if what you installed actually works the way you expected it to! There are so many little bugs that can occur, and there will always be issues. The object is to catch them immediately while you have the opportunity to easily correct them, or modify the new program to what you want it to do.

An example - We had a switch, where a user defined field on the new program meant "drop a statement every day" instead of outsort for commercial loan review. (Our mailroom was happy that was corrected.)

It's time consuming, but worth it.
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