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#1622311 - 10/31/11 07:20 PM SAR for fake SSN?
CompliKat Offline
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Customer opens account in 2009 with SSN printed on SS Card. Last month customer attempts international wire and wire dept questions validity of number (lots of repeated digits in number and it looks funny) An online SSN validator indicated that number has never been issued. Wire is not sent. Customer does not provide verification of SSN as requested but closes account. My question.... I feel I should file a SAR because of the fraudulent number used to open the account... but I have no idea what dollar amount to include as suspicious. The wire itself was not necessarily suspicious, the branch is aware that he has family in that country. Do I include every deposit ever made? Can I just leave the dollar amount blank? Or should I not even file a SAR at all? I just can't seem to zero in on this one. Any suggestions?

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#1622537 - 11/01/11 01:27 PM Re: SAR for fake SSN? CompliKat
BC78a Offline
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I would include all Debits and Credits to the account as the amount
Just my opinion for what it is worth

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#1622893 - 11/01/11 06:36 PM Re: SAR for fake SSN? BC78a
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I filed several of these recently and I put zero in the dollar amount. I was probably wrong, but like you, didn't really know what I should put. The customer's activity wasn't suspicious - they just provided a false ssn to us when the account was opened. In a couple of the situations, the accounts had been opened since the 1990's and the ssn wasn't used for anything other than we requested one at account opening and that's what they gave us.

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