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#1574082 - 07/06/11 04:20 AM Chase Bank SAR Disclosure
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Did anyone see where Frank Mendoza ever got sentenced for the SAR disclosure case at Chase Bank in California? I read that his sentencing was supposed to be in May but can't find where it happened or what the sentence ended up being???

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#1636881 - 12/08/11 03:54 PM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure Rangers Fan
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According to the Bureau of Prisons website, he is being held at the Long Beach Community Corrections Facility until 12/29/2011. Sounds like he got just 6 months. Sounds like a slap on the wrist for such a crime.

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#1639830 - 12/15/11 09:17 PM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure BSA Guru
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I think this is the guy your talking about.
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#1639849 - 12/15/11 09:50 PM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure ACBbank
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That is the person, looks like he got fined for $25,000 and 6 months prison term (based on release date). The FBI link said that he was facing up to 95 years, so 6 months is a slap on the wrist.

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#1639900 - 12/15/11 10:54 PM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure complylady
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Slap on the wrist maybe, but do I really want my tax dollars being spent on housing and feeding someone for 95 years for this particular transgression?

Frankly - a $25,000 fine and 6 months in jail should be a good deterrent to use when training people on why they need to zip it regarding SARS.
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#1639902 - 12/15/11 11:02 PM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure Princess Romeo
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I just wish it was for simply revealing the SAR and did not have the added complication of soliciting a bribe. That lessons the training impact...darn!
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#1639923 - 12/16/11 11:42 AM Re: Chase Bank SAR Disclosure Rangers Fan
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