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#1655609 - 01/25/12 04:06 PM GFE Error - Redisclose?
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Lender realized after receiving the signed GFE back from the customers that the totals at the bottom of pages 1,2 and 3 were not correct. All of the individual lines on the GFE contained accurate amounts and will be within tolerance levels at closing. However, the estimate for Owner’s Title Insurance from line 5 did not get included in the total at the bottom. So, while the amount for Title insurance is on the GFE, the total amount at bottom does not include it. Can we redisclose or do we have to eat this charge?

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#1655676 - 01/25/12 04:37 PM Re: GFE Error - Redisclose? Dallas Fan
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Personally, I would leave it alone. If you disclosed the charge on the line correctly, I would just go with that and follow that through to your HUD when you get there. Yes, totals are wrong, but you quoted an actual potential cost so that is important, and it is there in black and white. They see it and know about it and should not be surprised by it.

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