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#1690849 - 04/20/12 01:44 PM ACAMS Frustration
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For those of you who have gone through the ACAMS examination application process, I am interested to know how was your experience with the whole process and the ACAMS organization?

We are a small bank, and are truly disappointed with the ACAMS organization. We have three individuals who have gone through the application and exam process, and it has been very frustrating. They are quick to take your money, but yet phone calls and emails are never returned, and if they are, you will get a (vague) response two weeks later. One individual passed the ACAMS exam in November, and was later told she was not "certified" (even after she received the certificate in the mail) until she paid the member fee (which we would agree to accept). We are still waiting for returns calls.

We wonder, what is the true value of a certification from such an unresponsive organization?

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#1690898 - 04/20/12 02:19 PM Re: ACAMS Frustration BSAAnonymous
AquaMarine Offline
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They are all about business and making profit.. ACAMS is notorious for handling things in a very unprofessional manner. I wouldn't have dealt with them if the CAMS designation wasn't so overrated.. I'm sorry that you have to go through such a frustrating process but it seems like their mentality is "You either keep paying us or look elsewhere"

Good luck.

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#1691383 - 04/22/12 02:25 AM Re: ACAMS Frustration BSAAnonymous
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The CAMS certification is the gold standard at this point and carries weight with examiners, auditors and employers. Personally, I appreciated gaining a better understanding of the "big picture" of ML from a world perspective. I must admit, however, that the training that has helped me the most with day-to-day AML responsibilities came from BOL, ABA and state conferences. That being said, ACAMS does offer periodic webinars, some at no cost, that are very interesting and can help you keep up with the training requirements for re-certification.
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#1691418 - 04/23/12 01:10 PM Re: ACAMS Frustration BSAAnonymous
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My previous experience with ACAMS has been similar to the OP. However, in fairness, they have gotten better as of late.

Brenda brings up some valid points about the certification. I can speak from first hand experience that the OCC likes the certification. Some webinars are useful.
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