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#16918 - 05/06/02 07:18 PM Disc required on Receipts?
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Angel Eyes
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Are there any disclosures that are required on receipts? We use the same receipt for checking and savings (deposits and withdrawls) and loan payments.

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#16919 - 05/06/02 08:43 PM Re: Disc required on Receipts?
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Not to my knowledge, we don't have anything printed out ours except for logo, bank name, etc.

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#16920 - 05/06/02 09:35 PM Re: Disc required on Receipts?
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Al Miller
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You need to "think outside the box."

Several years ago (and at a previous bank), one of the more creative branches thought the white space on the receipt was a "swell" place to advertise HELOCs. Of course, the EHL logotype was not on deposit receipts. Might one of your branches do the same?
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