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#1691990 - 04/24/12 04:36 PM Corporate Seals & US Treasury Form PD F 5444 E
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In an email from Treasury Direct "The Treasury Direct system is designed to randomly ask for the PD F 5444E (Account) Authorization form. It may also ask for this form, because an error has occurred in the logged information at some point in the completion process.

We do not accept a notary public stamp. You must use either the bank's signature guarantee stamp, or a medallion stamp, or a corporate seal. This is for the security and protection of the Treasury Direct owner.

The form should be signed in the presence of a certifying officer, and mailed to the address that is on the form.
PO BOX 7015
PARKERSBURG WV 26101-7015"

Our bank has already received requests from three different people for our Corporate Seal and signature on this form. We have eight different offices and only one corporate seal. My question is: Can a bank have more than one corporate seal? If not, what about more than one Signature Guarantee Stamp or more than one Medallion Stamp?

Based on our experience, it looks like opening an account at Treasury Direct for the purchase of savings bonds will likely increase the call for these type of stamps and seals at all financial institutions.

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#1693957 - 04/30/12 07:09 PM Re: Corporate Seals & US Treasury Form PD F 5444 E PJH
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Centralize the completion of these requests. The Corp Secretary or other officer will have the seal, so all of these types of requests go through that office. As far as medalion and signature guarantee stamps, as long as you have trained the people using them you could produce them for every person at the bank if you wanted to (don't know why you would, but you could). Similarly, there is no law I am aware of that says you can only have one corporate seal, but you sure don't want them floating around all over the place.

But, the main issue for me is why the individual branches are completing this process. Centralized admin for opening accounts at Treasury, or any process that requires a corporate guarantee, seems prudent.

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#1694423 - 05/01/12 06:28 PM Re: Corporate Seals & US Treasury Form PD F 5444 E PJH
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