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#1701968 - 05/22/12 02:30 PM JH netteller and Fi to Fi transfers.
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Do anyone out there use netteller AND offer Fi to Fi transfers AND Jack Henry’s ODP program?

We are having a very hard time getting the ODP limit to be available for Fi to FI transfers. JH keeps telling us to change the setting on different tables in the system…but it’s not working and we are getting very frustrated.

Please contact me directly at if your bank uses all three systems…

Thanks so much!


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#1701999 - 05/22/12 03:20 PM Re: JH netteller and Fi to Fi transfers. Lori01
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Have you checked your regional user group? I'd bet there would be some banks in there that have experienced and/or resolved this.

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#1702290 - 05/23/12 01:07 PM Re: JH netteller and Fi to Fi transfers. Lori01
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We use NetTeller & ODP, but not the Fi-to-FI transfers. However, for our intra-bank transfers and cash management customers, I know we have to go through and make sure that the system is set to use the AVAILABLE balance, not the ledger or collected or something else. Since ODP shows in the available balance, they can then access their ODP funds from their checking account. I'm not sure exactly where the settings would be though since we don't use the FI-to-FI transfer feature. With NetTeller, some settings are on the core (we use 20/20) and some are in FI Management.

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