Ok. Need some major help! We have a HELOC to a husband and wife. They are now separated and going through a divorce. The wife is staying in the house. She has someone that will refinance the first mortgage in her name only. Husband will deed the property over to her. With the appraised amount she would be unable to refinance our HELOC along with the first. The first wants us to subordinate our lien. The situation is how do we go about keeping our original loan out there but to put the loan in just her name. We have never done a modification before to complete this. So our other way we was thinking was completing an assumption. The thing with that is how do you re-disclose on a HELOC. The Final TIL is attach to the note. Needs some advice on has anybody ever seen were it was just modified to release the name from the loan or is the best route to do the assumption to go from both of their names to just hers and if so how would be re-disclose. Thanks.