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#1746411 - 10/03/12 08:20 PM Monthly Mortgage Statement
t0dd Offline
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If we have customer who elect to set up automatic payments on their mortgage account are we still required to send out a monthly billing statement?

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Lending Compliance
#1747363 - 10/08/12 11:59 AM Re: Monthly Mortgage Statement t0dd
rlcarey Online
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You are going to have to wait until the regulations on monthly mortgage statements are finalized to make that determination.
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#1747874 - 10/10/12 02:36 AM Re: Monthly Mortgage Statement t0dd
jlroberts Offline
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We're wondering that as well. At our place the ppl that sign up for automatic payment do it for a reason, they don't what the paper or to deal with the hassle of remembering to make their payments. So, in order to protect them we might have to send them a statement (that they don't want) with information on it so an ID Theft person can steal from their mailbox.

Another thing we're wondering is if its loans originated going forward. Our loans originated prior to 2004 still use passbooks, will they all need converted? frown

We're currently looking into being able to deliver them electronically and the cost of that vs cost of producing and mailing the paper statement. We do that on on deposit side. Is anyone doing that now on loans?

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#1844230 - 08/20/13 07:06 PM Re: Monthly Mortgage Statement t0dd
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Piggybacking on this, jlroberts did you get an answer about the passbooks? I have a client that uses only passbooks still - could they be included in the coupon book exemption?
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