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#1749636 - 10/16/12 06:47 PM Open Carry Law
Queen Mum Offline
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Queen Mum
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Just wondering how many are putting up signs for customers not to carry on the premises?

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#1749778 - 10/17/12 11:59 AM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
NLC Offline
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We have for several years. Our state banking association suggested that we do it.

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#1749886 - 10/17/12 03:43 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
CULady Offline
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We have always had a no guns sign on the door. We have already advised the staff that we will not allow weapons on our property. I am hoping that we are over preparing for it, but you just never know in OK, they do like their guns here!

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#1750936 - 10/19/12 08:31 PM Re: Open Carry Law CULady
Norman Paperman Offline
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Norman Paperman
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I'm a fellow Okie Banker. We plan on posting signs prior to the Nov 1 deadline. We have one customer who insists that we cannot prohibit him from carrying inside our institution, citing that banks are not specifically excluded in the law. If any of you Okie's encounter this, feel free to share the below link with your customer.

Hope this helps! I'm interested to see how many come in with the smoke wagon attached to their hip.
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#1750946 - 10/19/12 08:45 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
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Locally this issue came about a year or so ago. We had some pushing for signs and banning (occurred right around the time we had our first robbery, gun involved) and others insisting it would cause more backlash than anything.

It's been a year, nothing is posted and we've never had an issue. I don't think anyone's even spotted a weapon unless it was attached to a LEO. But, we're a bunch of peaceful farmers and people only get violent over land (or meth) disputes.
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#1751044 - 10/22/12 02:21 PM Re: Open Carry Law Norman Paperman
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Elwood P. Dowd
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We have one customer who insists that we cannot prohibit him from carrying inside our institution,

Gosh, he may be right! However, you can assure him that it makes your employees uncomfortable and, accordingly, you will close his account before his hat hits the floor.
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#1751076 - 10/22/12 03:17 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
John Burnett Offline
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John Burnett
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Cape Cod
In Oklahoma, a bank can prohibit the carrying of firearms in the building (except by law enforcement personnel), but it cannot prohibit firearms from its property. That is, the bank can require the individual (other than law enforcement) to lock the firearm up in his vehicle in the bank's parking lot.
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#1766038 - 12/11/12 05:59 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
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Are there open carry limitations placed on peace officers? I'm in Texas. I've done a couple of searches and not coming up with much.
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#1766051 - 12/11/12 06:13 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
rlcarey Online
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Well, you would need to define peace officer. Each police agency may have their own rules. There is nothing at the State level that prohibits it that I know of.
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#1768276 - 12/18/12 04:48 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
Rosco P. Coltrane Offline
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no signs, no issues. I'd rather frontline staff pay attention to how someone is behaving rather than "no gun = OK".

Plus the last few robberies around here were conducted by individuals who must not have seen the "no guns" sign on those other banks front doors.

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#1768418 - 12/18/12 07:04 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
dblack Offline
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^^ What he said.

I am in an OC state and it has never been an issue for us without signs posted.


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#1768677 - 12/19/12 01:09 PM Re: Open Carry Law Queen Mum
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You are here
If only we can get the bad guy to pay attention to the no guns sign.
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