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#1756092 - 11/07/12 05:46 PM Problem having bait money is sequential order?
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While performing our branch audits, it was discovered that one of our branch's bait money serial numbers are all in sequential order. Serial numbers begin with one teller and end with the last teller.

All thoughts are welcome. I do not recall if this is an issue or not? Thanks everyone!

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#1756106 - 11/07/12 05:59 PM Re: Problem having bait money is sequential order? Auditor412
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I don't think there is any regulation against that. It's really up to your management to set the rules for bait money. in most cases, the bait money should look like the other money in the drawer, so a potential robber would not know he was receiving bait money. You want them to have the bait money on them if they get caught, so it can be matched against the lists. A smart robber (there can't be any of those, otherwise they wouldn't rob), might ditch your bait money if it looks different from all the rest.

If your tellers normally have new money in their drawer, then that will also be in sequential order, and would not make the bait money look out of order.

If you feel that this is a risk, you could recommend that the rules be tweaked so that bait money contains only used, non-sequential bills.

Good luck.
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