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#1759420 - 11/20/12 02:24 PM DVR Question
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I know absolutely nothing about DVRs used for bank security. Does anyone know the difference between DVRs found at BJ's and Costco and those sold by vendors for bank security systems? Our DVR just blew up and it will cost almost 4,000.00 to replace it. We are a one-branch bank and I'd love to find something a little less expensive.

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#1759553 - 11/20/12 05:47 PM Re: DVR Question New Manager
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I didn't even think of Costco for a security system DVR, but I just took a look, and some of the reviews were a little scary. I think I would want to be sure who is going to warranty it and who can service it. Also, compare memory. Will a cheaper unit hold many days worth of video from multiple cameras?

A guy that robbed our bank last year is now in prison, and our local police say the quality of the video we had was a major factor in IDing him and putting him away.
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#1762354 - 11/29/12 06:06 PM Re: DVR Question New Manager
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Agreed MBH, save money on pens, air filters and giveaways(calendars, stress balls, etc...) dont skimp on your DVR.

That being said, make an assessment of what your needs are.

how many cameras, how many frames per second, ability to increase frames per second on inputs(hold up buttons, alarm signals, etc...).

Many manufacturers provide a worksheet to input this information to determine the appropriate size of HD on your DVR. You may be able to save a few dollars there. Although 4 grand doesnt sound too unreasonable.
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#1762979 - 11/30/12 07:19 PM Re: DVR Question New Manager
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agreed. dont save money by trying Costco etc...not enough memory, not good quality, and may not be useable in court...check with other banks in your area for referrals.
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#1763074 - 11/30/12 09:00 PM Re: DVR Question New Manager
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$4k is not that unreasonable for a quality DVR. You may save a few hundred or maybe a few thousand up front, but if you find yourself in court trying to defend that decision in some sort of lawsuit or when trying to convict a violent bank robber that savings will be quickly forgotten.
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