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#1761921 - 11/28/12 08:56 PM For Peepers
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The psych ward
“A SMALL FIGURE crouches, scratching aimlessly at the dirt with one hand. He is shirtless, dressed only in a pair of red overall shorts. He has enormous ears and bushy eyebrows, but besides that, his features are completely human. All too human. This man is called MR. PEEPERS.

No, I didn't lose my mind. It got scared and ran away.

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#1761926 - 11/28/12 09:00 PM Re: For Peepers 'Lil Freak!
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under the Lone Star
"No doubt an enterprising theologian could make great hay of the dying man whom Peepers redeems- Eleazar, from the Hebrew name for“Lazarus.” There is a treatise in even his license plate, “ELEZ 11.” A referenceto the resurrection of Lazarus from John 11 or a sly nod to Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the moral deprivation of the financial sector that Eleazar represents? It is a fertile vein, which I plan to mine further in a future exegesis concerning Mr. Peepers as progenitor of the Occupy Movement."
Societies that do not find work in and of itself "pleasing to God and requisite to Man," tend to be highly corrupt.

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#1761937 - 11/28/12 09:13 PM Re: For Peepers Pale Rider
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Chris Kattan, my hero

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