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#176252 - 04/02/04 02:36 PM acronyms
HubbaBubba Offline
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Can someone point me to where I can get a list of common banking acronyms?

I know I have seen it here before, but several searches did not produce the list. THANKS!

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#176253 - 04/02/04 02:38 PM Re: acronyms

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#176254 - 04/02/04 02:38 PM Re: acronyms
Andy_Z Offline
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If you have attended the ABA Compliance School in the last few years, a list is provided in that notebook.
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#176255 - 04/02/04 05:46 PM Re: acronyms
TomS Offline
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My favorite acronym - Community Reinvestment Act Program.

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#176256 - 04/02/04 06:12 PM Re: acronyms
Beagles22 Offline
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State of confusion
CRAP could be an acronym for so many banking issues......
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#176257 - 04/02/04 06:44 PM Re: acronyms
Ski Offline
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Kirchman has a good listing (might need to be updated).

Look at

The list is located after the listing of Regulations, Laws and Accounting Standards information

Hope it helps.

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#176258 - 04/02/04 08:06 PM Re: acronyms
TTC Queen Offline
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I was teaching an overview class of regs and asked what does CRA stand for?

The answer. . . . .

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