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#1759551 - 11/20/12 05:38 PM ACH Audit
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I am working on the ACH audit, we are a small community bank with a handful of ACH Originators. At this point in time we don't report anything regarding ACH activity to our Board or to upper management. I would consider our ACH risk low, but now am wondering if we should be reporting ACH statistics to the Board, or some other infomation. Do any of you report ACH information to your Board and if so, what? Thanks.

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#1759558 - 11/20/12 06:02 PM Re: ACH Audit heathern
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When we started originating, we reported who could originate and exposure limits. I'd still say we are on the lower side of risk, but the BOD likes to know what kinds of volumes we have, what types of transactions are originated, who is close to or overlimit, what volumes do we have over a period of time for each originator, if anyone is originating on uncollected funds and what kinds of return rates we are seeing.

They want to know where the risk is and who is controlling it.

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#1763356 - 12/03/12 06:02 PM Re: ACH Audit heathern
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We only have one ACH Originator for Payroll only and they bring the file to the bank once a month(High School) Are we supposed to have an exposure limit for them? The amount is prefunded.
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#1763861 - 12/04/12 10:24 PM Re: ACH Audit heathern
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That would probably depend on your Originator risk assessment.

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